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Kwambox Clashes with Diamond Platnumz Over Burna Boy's Vocals

In the world of music, opinions and criticisms often spark heated debates. This time, the clash took place on the popular morning show "The Morning Kiss" hosted by Sheila Kwamboka, widely known as Kwambox. The subject of contention? Burna Boy's vocals.

During the show, Kwambox embarked on a quest to determine who possessed the superior vocals among Diamond Platnumz, Alikiba, and Burna Boy. However, it was Diamond's comment about Burna Boy that ignited the fiery exchange.

Diamond had expressed his skepticism about Burna Boy's vocal abilities, stating that he doesn't rate him musically. When his statement was brought up on the show, Kwambox didn't hold back in challenging his opinion.

"Diamond amesema, for Burna Boy, it's just vocals, the guy wouldn't be successful. He says he doesn't rate Burna Boy vocally," Kwambox shared with her co-host, Chito Ndhlovu.

Chito, however, interjected and pointed out that both artists, including Diamond himself, make use of auto-tune in their songs. He likened the critique to one auto-tuned voice criticizing another, implying that it was not a fair assessment.

To put an end to the conversation, Kwambox played a Burna Boy song. Her reaction while the song played spoke volumes, and it was evident that she disagreed with Diamond's stance.

In a bold move, Kwambox openly declared, "Listen, Diamond anafaa kuacha ufala (Diamond should stop the nonsense). Are you hating that voice? That sounds like a million dollars...in fact, Burna Boy should be breaking sad news to us."

This clash between Kwambox and Diamond comes at a time when Diamond Platnumz is facing allegations of sampling music from Nigerian artists like Asake, Spyro, Burna Boy, and Wiz Kid in some of his chart-topping hits.

Online videos circulating raise questions about Diamond's originality and innovation in his music. Some music fans argue that he lacks inspiration and heavily relies on Nigerian releases.

In response, Diamond has vehemently denied the allegations, attributing them to jealousy over his success. He pointed out that if other artists were accused of the same, the perception would be different. He suggested that his achievements have made him an easy target for scrutiny.

"Ukisikia Mtoto anapiga kelele ujue bakora imemuingia! … Maana Wakifanya Wengine, utaskia Magenius Wanaakili Wamesample, tukifanya sie tumekopi!" Diamond passionately wrote on his social media, implying that his critics were quick to judge him while giving others a pass.

As the music industry continues to study the impact of different artists, clashes like these keep the conversation alive. Musicians' vocal abilities and originality will always be subjects of intense debate, with fans and critics alike weighing in on their preferences.

Notably, Kwambox's outspokenness and her strong support for Burna Boy's vocals have added fuel to the fire. It remains to be seen whether this clash will have any lasting impact on the artists involved or if it will fuel further discussions in the entertainment world.

As fans eagerly await a resolution, for now, the clash between Kwambox and Diamond continues to make waves, illustrating that in the world of music, opinions and controversies are never far behind. 

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