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Mambo yamechemka:Dramatic Chaos Ensues at Nakuru Wedding as Woman Attempts to Stop Husband from Marrying House Help


In a shocking turn of events, a church wedding in Nakuru on August 5th was marred by chaos when a furious woman interrupted the ceremony to prevent her husband from marrying their former house help. The aggressive confrontation unfolded as the groom stood at the altar, prepared to exchange vows with his new bride.

The jilted woman, identified as Rose, revealed that the ordeal began when she hired the bride as a house help. Little did Rose know that love would blossom between the newlyweds right under her nose, resulting in yesterday's wedding. As she left for work each day, her house help allegedly engaged in a secret relationship with her husband.

As the wedding ceremony commenced, tensions reached a boiling point, and Rose stormed into the church to confront her husband. The groom's new bride watched helplessly as the altercation unfolded before her eyes. The commotion prompted a temporary halt to the wedding proceedings, with police rushing to the scene to restore order and provide security.

Despite Rose's valiant efforts, the ceremony eventually resumed, much to her frustration. In an interview with the press, she expressed her feelings of betrayal by the man she had spent 22 years with, building a family together. Rose recounted how she generously offered the bride a job and even donated funds worth Ksh1,000 for her clothing needs.

To Rose, her husband's decision to take another wife was not the sole issue; rather, it was his failure to provide for their children. She emphasized that as long as he fulfilled his responsibilities as a father, she had no qualms with him marrying multiple times. "God will come through for me... All I wanted was for him to support these children. He can even marry 20 wives," Rose declared, expressing her frustration.

With police intervention, the wedding eventually proceeded, leaving Rose feeling disheartened and betrayed. The incident serves as a reminder of the emotional complexities that can unfold within personal relationships, as well as the fragile balance of trust between partners.

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