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President William Ruto Closes Nyamira Tragedy with a Sincere Condolence


President William Ruto has expressed his deepest condolences to the people of Nyamira following the untimely demise of Majority Leader Elijah Osiemo. Osiemo tragically lost his life in a road accident along the Maai Mahiu-Naivasha Road on Monday afternoon. The President's statement highlighted his sympathy for the grieving community and wished a speedy recovery for those injured in the incident.

President William Ruto has stood in solidarity with the residents of Nyamira County, extending his heartfelt sympathy for the tragic loss of their Majority Leader, Elijah Osiemo. Osiemo, who also served as the representative for Nyamai, met with an unfortunate accident on the Maai Mahiu-Naivasha Road. The incident took place yesterday afternoon, leaving the entire community devastated.

In a statement released today, President Ruto shared the sorrow felt by the people of Nyamira and expressed his deep condolences for the passing of Osiemo. The President's words revealed his empathy and compassion for the grieving community during this challenging time.

Furthermore, the President's statement acknowledged the presence of two other Members of the County Assembly, including Deputy Majority leader Duke Masira and their driver, who were also involved in the accident. President Ruto extended his prayers for their quick recovery, emphasizing the importance of their well-being.

According to reports, the tragic accident occurred as the three MCAs were en route to Nairobi for a scheduled meeting. The driver lost control of the vehicle, resulting in it overturning into the escarpment in Mai Mahiu, Narok. The severity of the accident led to the unfortunate loss of Osiemo's life and left the other individuals involved with injuries.

Following the incident, the injured MCAs were immediately rushed to Naivasha Level Four Hospital for medical attention. The President's sincere concern for their recovery showcased his commitment to the well-being of all citizens, both in leadership positions and within the community.

While the loss of Majority Leader Elijah Osiemo is a significant blow to Nyamira County, President Ruto's heartfelt condolence offers solace during this challenging period. The President's thoughts and prayers are with the people of Nyamira as they mourn the passing of a beloved leader and work towards healing and recovery.

The tragic loss of Majority Leader Elijah Osiemo in a road accident has left the people of Nyamira in a state of mourning. However, President William Ruto's sincere condolences and well wishes for the injured provide some comfort during this difficult time. The President's statement reflects his empathy and commitment to the well-being of the citizens, emphasizing the importance of recovery for all those affected by the incident. As Nyamira County navigates through this tragedy, they can find solace in knowing that their President stands with them in unity and offers his support during their healing process.


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