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Harmonize Opens Up About Revenue Split with Frida Kajala in New Song 'Dear X'


Tanzanian music sensation Harmonize recently released a new song titled 'Dear X,' shedding light on his past relationship with actress Frida Kajala. The song not only hints at their relationship but also unveils how they divided their revenue from music and endorsement deals while they were together. This revelation has sparked reactions from both parties and fans, giving an unexpected twist to their story.

Inequalities Unveiled:

Harmonize revealed that during their relationship, he shared 10% of his earnings from shows and endorsement deals with Kajala. This financial transparency is a testament to the trust they had for each other during that time. However, Harmonize emphasized that he has moved on from the past and is now solely focused on building his own wealth. He made it clear that he wouldn't fall into the same trap again, indicating that a reconciliation with Kajala is unlikely.

Challenging Kajala's Perspective:

As a response to Kajala's seemingly nonchalant attitude towards his song, Harmonize invited her to showcase the positive contributions he made to their relationship on her reality show, 'Behind the Gram.' This challenge aims to provide a platform for Kajala to share their relationship dynamics and highlight the good deeds Harmonize did during their time together. It serves as a reminder that their past shouldn't be overshadowed by the recent revelations.

A Lesson in Financial Independence:

Harmonize's determination to protect his hard-earned money reflects his newfound financial success. This revelation not only exposes the ups and downs of their relationship but also serves as a lesson for individuals entering similar partnerships. Harmonize's unwavering focus on safeguarding his wealth demonstrates the importance of financial independence and self-sufficiency.

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The Aftermath:

The exchange between Harmonize and Kajala has garnered significant attention from fans and the media alike. While the 'Dear X' song served as a catalyst, the unexpected revelations about their financial arrangements have added an intriguing twist to their story. As fans eagerly await further developments, it remains to be seen how this candid exchange will impact their relationship and careers.


Harmonize's latest song, 'Dear X,' not only offers a glimpse into his past relationship with Frida Kajala but also sheds light on the financial dynamics between the two. This revelation serves as a reminder of the importance of trust, financial transparency, and personal growth. As their story continues to unfold, it becomes evident that Harmonize's focus is on building his own wealth and moving forward.

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