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Billnass Addresses Rumours of Fathering Hamisa Mobetto's Son

Tanzanian singer Billnass recently took to the airwaves to confront rumours surrounding his alleged fatherhood of Hamisa Mobetto's child. During a live session on Wasafi FM, Billnass vehemently denied the claims, asserting that he has never dated Hamisa and that Diamond Platnumz is the child's father. Let's delve into the details of this story that has captivated the entertainment industry.

The Allegations:

Since August 2022, rumours circulated suggesting that Billnass, not Diamond Platnumz, is the father of Hamisa Mobetto's son. This speculation gained traction, leading Billnass to address the issue head-on during his interview.

Billnass's Response:

During the interview, Billnass clarified that while he and Hamisa were close friends, their relationship never progressed beyond that. He highlighted the importance of respecting the child's father and stated that it is unfair to spread baseless claims. Billnass firmly believes that Diamond Platnumz is the father of Hamisa's son and emphasized their strong friendship.

Dealing with Comparative Resemblance:

Billnass addressed the use of his photos by individuals purporting to support the narrative of him being the child's father. He emphasized that while he does not share a resemblance with Hamisa's son, some people exploit visual similarities to fuel the rumours.

Support from Nandy and Family:

Billnass reassured interviewers and his audience that his wife, fellow musician Nandy, remains unaffected by the allegations. He explained that Nandy and Hamisa were friends even before he knew Hamisa, and she is fully aware of their situation. Billnass expressed gratitude for the support and understanding he receives from his family.

Emotional Impact:

While Billnass acknowledged that such rumours do not significantly affect him, he expressed his strong disapproval, especially considering the child's upbringing amidst internet gossip. As a father himself, Billnass empathizes with the situation and vehemently rejects any association with baseless claims.


Billnass, a Tanzanian singer, has responded to rumours linking him to Hamisa Mobetto's son, clarifying that he is not the child's father. He firmly believes that Diamond Platnumz is the biological father and maintains a strong friendship with Hamisa. Billnass expressed his disappointment and preference for a world where baseless claims are not directed at him. With the support of his wife Nandy and his family, Billnass remains focused on his music career and personal life, leaving these unfounded allegations behind. 

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