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Jay-Z Supports Small Business Owners: Cops Paintings of Beyoncé from Fan He Spotted on TV


Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z continues to make headlines with his acts of support for small business owners. Recently, he surprised a young artist named Lauryn Michele by purchasing her paintings of his wife, Beyoncé, after seeing her on the news. This gesture demonstrates Jay-Z's commitment to uplifting artists and supporting Black-owned businesses. Additionally, just weeks prior, he made a pit stop at a soul food restaurant in Chicago, boosting their business and endorsing their delicious food. Let's delve into these heartwarming acts of support in more detail.

Jay-Z's Encounters with Small Business Owners:

Jay-Z's philanthropic endeavors extend beyond traditional charity work. His recent encounters with small business owners showcase his hands-on approach to helping others succeed. First, Lauryn Michele, an artist, appeared on NBC News to showcase her beautiful paintings of Beyoncé. After catching her segment, Jay-Z invited her back the next night and became the proud owner of three of her stunning paintings. This moment was captured in a TikTok video that quickly went viral, representing a dream come true for Lauryn.

Furthermore, while in Chicago for Beyoncé's performance, Jay-Z visited Bronzeville Soul, a Black-owned soul food restaurant, on a recommendation. The owner, Mario Coleman, initially couldn't believe he was serving Jay-Z, assuming it was someone impersonating the music icon. Jay-Z's visit not only brought joy to Coleman but also provided a substantial boost to the restaurant's business. Jay-Z's endorsement of Black-owned businesses further emphasizes his dedication to supporting his community.

Impact on Small Businesses:

Jay-Z's actions have had a significant impact on the businesses he supports. Laurin Michele, the talented artist whose paintings were purchased by Jay-Z, gained substantial exposure from the viral TikTok video of the encounter. This exposure will undoubtedly lead to further opportunities and recognition for her work. Similarly, Bronzeville Soul experienced increased traffic and attention following Jay-Z's visit, providing a much-needed boost after a challenging year.

Jay-Z's Support for Black-Owned Businesses:

In recent years, Jay-Z has been vocal about the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses and empowering the Black community. His actions align with his words, as he actively seeks out these businesses to patronize and endorses them personally. Jay-Z's sincere desire to uplift his community and promote economic empowerment is evident in his deliberate choices.


Jay-Z's continued support for small business owners and his dedication to promoting Black-owned businesses is both commendable and inspiring. From purchasing Lauryn Michele's artwork to endorsing Bronzeville Soul, he exemplifies the impact that celebrities and influential figures can have on supporting local economies. By using his platform to amplify the voices of talented individuals and highlighting the contributions of Black entrepreneurs, Jay-Z sets a positive example for others to follow. We look forward to seeing how his support continues to create opportunities and make a difference in the lives of many.

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