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RZA Reveals Jay-Z's Surprising Inspiration for 'The Blueprint'

RZA, a legendary figure in the Hip Hop industry, recently shared an unexpected revelation about the impact he had on Jay-Z's iconic album, 'The Blueprint.' In an interview with Rolling Stone, RZA explained how Jay-Z credited him as a source of inspiration for the album.

When asked if he had any regrets or things he wished he had done differently in his career, RZA responded with a fascinating anecdote. He recalled a conversation with Jay-Z where the Brooklyn-born rapper confessed, "Yo, I got [the idea for] The Blueprint from you." This revelation surprised RZA, who had already embarked on a path towards Hollywood at that time.

Reflecting on the significance of this connection, RZA mentioned how it showcased the versatility and influence of his work across various regions and with different musical crews. As an elder statesman in the game, RZA has always been supportive of younger generations in the Hip Hop industry.

Earlier this year, RZA expressed praise for Burna Boy, a rising Nigerian superstar, and his unique musical style. Appreciating Burna's new single, RZA emphasized that the artist had carved out his own distinct chamber in the music industry. This recognition from an industry luminary like RZA further solidified Burna Boy's growing reputation as an exceptional artist.

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Burna Boy's single, "Sittin' on Top of the World," features a sample from the 1998 track by Brandy and Ma$e, "Top of the World," produced by Rodney Jerkins. When Burna shared a teaser of the song on his Instagram page, it garnered significant attention, including praise from Darkchild himself and G-Eazy.

RZA's admiration for Burna Boy is just one example of the respect and recognition the Nigerian artist has received from both legendary figures and his peers within the industry.

Jay-Z's acknowledgment of RZA's influence on 'The Blueprint' adds another layer to the rich tapestry of Hip Hop history. It sheds light on the interconnectedness and inspiration that artists draw from each other, transcending boundaries of time and geography.

In the ever-evolving landscape of hip hop, moments like these serve as a reminder of the ongoing creative dialogue between artists, regardless of their backgrounds or generations. As fans, we can appreciate the legacy that artists like RZA and Jay-Z have built while eagerly anticipating the future contributions of emerging talents like Burna Boy.

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