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Westside Gunn Expresses Interest in Doja Cat, Considers Her Boyfriend "Racist"

 Renowned rapper and entrepreneur Westside Gunn has recently made headlines with his public declaration of interest in popular artist Doja Cat. Gunn has expressed his desire to woo Doja Cat away from her current boyfriend, whom he has dubbed as "racist." This article delves into the details of Westside Gunn's Twitter statement and explores the potential implications of his pursuit.

Westside Gunn's Twitter Announcement:

In a series of tweets published on Tuesday, Westside Gunn publicly expressed his attraction to Doja Cat and stated his intentions to win her affections. Gunn boldly asserted that he believes he can steal the Grammy-nominated artist away from her current boyfriend, whom he condemned as "racist." These remarks quickly garnered attention and sparked discussion among fans and industry insiders.

Pursuit of Doja Cat:

With his self-proclaimed "Flygod charm" and unique artistic persona, Westside Gunn believes he possesses the qualities that could capture the attention and heart of Doja Cat. While it is common for celebrities to publicly express their admiration for one another, Gunn's specific mention of Doja Cat's boyfriend and his labeling of him as "racist" adds a controversial element to his pursuit.

Legal and Ethical Considerations:

It is important to note that Westside Gunn's claims about Doja Cat's boyfriend are solely based on his own perception and have not been substantiated by any concrete evidence. Publicly accusing someone of racism without evidence can be harmful and damaging, potentially impacting not only the individual's personal life but also their professional reputation. It is crucial for celebrities and public figures to exercise caution and responsibility when making such statements.

Potential Repercussions:

Westside Gunn's public declaration of interest in Doja Cat has sparked discussions among fans and the media. While some supporters of Gunn view his pursuit as harmless and a testament to his confidence, others question the ethical implications of publicly targeting a person's relationship and making accusations without evidence. Doja Cat, her boyfriend, and industry insiders may respond to Gunn's statements in various ways, possibly impacting his reputation and public perception.

Doja Cat's Response:

As of now, Doja Cat has not publicly responded to Westside Gunn's statements about her or her boyfriend. It remains uncertain how she will address his interest and the allegations made against her partner. Many fans eagerly await her potential response, as it could offer insight into the nature of her relationship and her thoughts regarding Westside Gunn's pursuit.


Westside Gunn's public expression of interest in Doja Cat and his claims about her boyfriend being "racist" have ignited a significant buzz within the music industry and among fans. While Gunn's confidence may have contributed to his bold statements, it is essential for celebrities to exercise responsibility and respect in their public interactions. The potential impact of Gunn's pursuit on Doja Cat's personal and professional life, as well as his own reputation, remains to be seen. As the situation develops, fans and industry followers will closely monitor any responses from Doja Cat or industry insiders that shed light on this intriguing matter.

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