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Davido’s Baby Mama, Amanda, Denies Rumors of Second Child with Singer


Famous afrobeat musician Davido's second baby mama, Amanda, has finally addressed the recent rumors concerning the birth of their alleged second child together.

Previously, speculations were rife that Amanda was six months pregnant with Davido's baby before he officially tied the knot with Chioma in 2023.

Adding fuel to the fire, Amanda shared a picture on social media featuring herself with a newborn baby, which led many to assume that the child in the photo belonged to Davido.

However, in an Instagram story posted on Friday, Amanda clarified the situation, stating that she only has one child with the singer. She further explained that the baby in the viral photo actually belonged to her best friend.

Expressing her frustration, Amanda exclaimed, "Woke up to some serious bullshit. I can't even post my best friend's baby without you people making shit up. That's my fucking best friend's baby... The delusion is getting scary... y'all go find a better hobby instead of stalking my every move and making shit up! Don't you all get tired?"

It is evident that Amanda wanted to put an end to the baseless rumors surrounding her and Davido's alleged second child. News of celebrities' personal lives often captures public attention, but it is essential to distinguish fact from fiction and avoid spreading false information.

As the entertainment industry continues to thrive, it is crucial for media outlets and individuals to exercise responsibility when reporting news and respect the privacy of public figures.

The Daily Post Nigeria will remain committed to delivering accurate and verified news across various sectors, including entertainment, politics, and more.

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